Random Questions

2010 ACF Winter - Packet by Eden Prairie High School and Maryland B - #17 [report this tossup]
One of this man's protagonists dies when he blows up his palace after his mother Fides sings the aria “Ah my son.” In Act III of another of this composer's operas, a hurricane begins to rise as Nelusko sings a ballad about the monster Adamastor. The protagonist of that opera by this man sings “O Paradise!” upon arriving in Selika's homeland. This composer of operas about John of Leyden and Vasco da Gama created a work in which Bertram summons a ballet of debauched nuns to tempt the title character, who is engaged to Isabelle. Another of his operas centers on Raoul de Nagis and culminates in the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre. For 10 points, name this composer of such operas as Le Prophete, L'Africaine, Robert le Diable, and Les Huguenots.
Answer:  Giacomo Meyerbeer

2010 ACF Winter - Packet by Michigan State and South Carolina A - #15 [report this tossup]
The Drosophila X virus is thought to trigger this pathway as a means of innate immunity. This pathway is responsible for guiding H3K9 methylation in the centromeric regions of S. Cerevisiae. Disruption of P-bodies leads to blunting of this pathway, which was elucidated by the discovery of the lin-4 gene. The Flavr Savr tomato takes advantage of this pathway, which relies on exportin-5 to transport the products of Drosha cleavage to the cytoplasm. Argonaute selects the guide strand to load into the RISC complex, which then can target complementary mRNAs for degredation in this pathway. Craig Mello and Andrew Fire won the Nobel Prize for elucidating this pathway. For 10 points, name this mechanism which uses anti-sense RNA to silence a gene.
Answer: RNA interference [accept innate immunity before mention]

2009 ACF Fall - Packet by Yale B and Northwestern A - #9 [report this tossup]
This ruler sought a military alliance with Mongol commander Eljigidei against the Khwarizmians, and later sent emissaries to Guyuk Khan and Mongke Khan, including the famous William of Rubruck. He was almost offered leadership of the Mamluk sultanate after the murder of the last Ayyubid sultan Turanshah, but was rejected in favor of his earlier enemy Baibars. Despite victories over Baibars at Damietta and Mansurah, he was finally defeated and captured after the Battle of Fariskur, thus ending that crusade. This ruler established the Parliament of Paris, and his faith led him to purchase the Crown of Thorns and construct Saint Chapelle. For 10 points, name this leader of the Seventh and Eighth Crusades, a thirteenth century king of France who was canonized as a saint for his piety.
Answer: Louis IX of France [or Saint Louis]