Random Questions

2003 ACF Nationals - Packet by ACF Editors (#2) - #23 [report this tossup]
This painting is thought to be inspired by, and an homage to, Velazquez's Las Meniñas, and is actually a composite of a studio portrait and some rough sketches taken of the title location. The dining crowd in the background supposedly contains renditions of the artist's friends, which probably don't include the pair of legs dangling from the trapeze in the top left. The marble tabletop in the foreground is strewn with bottles and a bowl of oranges, while the central figure is approached by a sinister man in a tophat, all of which can be seen in a mirror in the background. FTP, identify this painting by Edouard Manet.
Answer: A Bar at the Folies-Bergères or Un Bar aux Folies-Bergères

2006 ACF Nationals - Packet by Rutgers - #16 [report this tossup]
An island two kilometers in circumference known as "The Island of the Gods" lies in the middle of this lake, and provides one of its "Eight Great Views." Though it receives nearly 500 streams, many areas such as Akanoi Bay, one of its most polluted sections, suffer from poor water circulation. Located near the Hira, Ibuki, and Suzuki mountains, its only natural outlet is the Seta River, and it is still considered clean enough for drinking water. FTP, name this lake which is connected by canals to Kyoto and which is found in Shiga prefecture, Japan's largest freshwater lake.
Answer: Lake Biwa(-ko)

2002 ACF Nationals - Packet by Texas A&M - #3 [report this tossup]
Originally written as a three-part series for The New Yorker, its five sections include "A Noiseless Flash," "The Fire," "Details Are Being Investigated," "Panic Grass and Feverfew," and "The Aftermath." Miss Sasaki suffers from a broken leg in the initial disaster, and later becomes Sister Dominique after the proselytizing of Father Kleinsorge, who becomes Father Takakura. Mrs. Nakamura raises her children and Dr. Sasaki starts a private practice after the opening incident, which causes Reverend Tanimoto to question why he wasn't one of the many injured. FTP, identify this John Hersey novel about the aftermath of the first atomic bomb.
Answer: Hiroshima