Random Questions

2009 ACF Fall - Packet by St Anselm’s HS and Truman State A - #11 [report this tossup]
While staying at the Villa Esmeralda, the title character of this work meets the gondoliers Daniele and Giovanni and is urged to marry the abstract painter Duncan Forbes by her older sister Hilda. Bertha Coutts spreads rumors about her husband's infidelity, and one character in this novel has an affair with the playwright Michaelis, one of the intellectuals who gather at the estate of Wragby. The owner of that estate drives a motorized wheelchair after being paralyzed in World War I, an injury that leads the title character to seek companionship from the gamekeeper Oliver Mellors. For 10 points, name this novel in which Clifford is cheated on by Constance Reid, a work of DH Lawrence.
Answer: Lady Chatterley's Lover

2002 ACF Nationals - Packet by Maryland - #20 [report this tossup]
He destroys a tower that has stood since the Romans built it, though he has it rebuilt as a sign of friendship. He repairs a well and tells the inhabitants that God does not mind if they bathe. His chief assistant is Clarence, who executes all of his social programs. He halts his execution by predicting an eclipse, and after slaying Sir Sagramour la Desirous he marries Alisande. He retreats to France during the illness of his daughter Hello-Central, but returns to wage war with the Knights of the Round Table. FTP, name this title character of Mark Twain's A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.
Answer: Hank Morgan (accept either) or Sir Boss (accept early Connecticut Yankee)

1999 ACF Nationals - Packet by Arkansas - #12 [report this tossup]
He was born in Scotland, the son of a Glasgow miner, and as a youth he earned money selling shoes and selling firewood. In 1879, he left Scotland and moved to the United States, where his uncle was a riverboat captain on the Mississippi. In 1882 he staked out a claim and mined copper in Montana; the mine boomed. That combined with his stock in RCA gave him 3 cubic acres of money by the late 1940s. In 1910 he moved to the city of Duckberg and constantly battled the Beagle Boys for his fortune. FTP, name this Disney comic book character whose fortune is estimated at 91 multiplijillion, 9 obsquatumatillian, 632 dollars and 62 cents.
Answer: Scrooge McDuck (Prompt on Uncle Scrooge)