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1999 ACF Regionals - Packet by Arizona State University - #15 [report this tossup]
Social Studies — Geography
Called the Chambeshi River where it rises, it is divided into three distinct zones, the middle one including the seven cataracts of the Boyoma Falls, and the lower containing the so-called Malebo Pool. With the Sangha, Kwa, and Ubangi as major tributaries, it flows for some 2900 miles. For 10 points, name this south-central African river which flows between the cities of Brazzaville and Kinshasa.
Answer: Congo (or Zaire) River

1999 ACF Regionals - Packet by Arizona State University - #30 [report this tossup]
Social Studies — Geography
It is a mostly treeless savanna, which is generally cooler than 75 degrees and can receive over 100 inches of rainfall per year. Rarely exceeding 1000 feet elevation, it is bordered by the Guiana Highlands, Guaviare River, Andes Mountains, and the basins of the Amazon and Orinoco. For 10 points, identify this important cattle raising area of Colombia and Venezuela, whose name is Spanish for "plains."
Answer: Llanos

1999 ACF Regionals - Packet by Berkeley - #23 [report this tossup]
Social Studies — Geography
When this range is combined with the Himalayan range, they hold nearly all of the world's fifty tallest peaks and a large percentage of the world's hundred tallest peaks. FTP, what is this range that holds K-2 or Mount Godwin Austen, the second tallest mountain in the world?
Answer: Karakoram

1999 ACF Regionals - Packet by BYU - #15 [report this tossup]
Social Studies — Geography
It is a 128-mile-long limestone archipelago, contained mostly within Monroe County. The northernmost is called Virginia; the southernmost Loggerhead. In between, Garden is home to a large lighthouse, the Islamorada World War I monument is on Upper Matecume, and the undersea John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is on Largo. FTP name this site of the world's longest over-water highway, the Gulf of Mexico island chain just south of Miami.
Answer: the Florida Keys

1999 ACF Regionals - Packet by BYU - #29 [report this tossup]
Social Studies — Geography
Locally called the Song Hong, it arises is the central Yunnan province, and is joined by the Song Li and Song Da (or Clear and Dark Rivers) on its way to the sea. Its common name derives from the large amount of silt it contains, which is deposited in a densely populated 2,700-square-mile delta on the Gulf of Tonkin. FTP name this largest river of northern Vietnam, along which lies Haiphong and Hanoi.
Answer: the Red River or Yuan Chiang

1999 ACF Regionals - Packet by Carleton - #12 [report this tossup]
Social Studies — Geography
Its largest permanent stream is the Kerulen River, and oilfields within it include Saynshand and Yumen. Stretching from the Da Hinggan to the Tian Shan, it rests on a plateau and consists of a series of shallow alkaline basins, though the western portion is entirely sandy, and nearly all of this region's soil has been deposited as loess [LESS] in north central China. FTP, identify this desert, also called Yintai shamo, that covers part of Mongolia.
Answer: Gobi Desert

1999 ACF Regionals - Packet by Chicago - #6 [report this tossup]
Social Studies — Geography
It is part of an archipelago and consists of three main islands, Mwali, Nzwami, and Njazidja. The country's first constitution was passed under President Ahmed Abdallah Abderemane in 1978, and after a crisis caused by his assassination in 1989, the country's first democratic elections were held in 1992. FTP, identify this nation, whose cities include Mutsumudu and Moroni, located, along with the island of Mayotte, in the Mozambique Channel.
Answer: the Federal Islamic Republic of the Comoros

1999 ACF Regionals - Packet by Illinois and University of Central Oklahoma - #13 [report this tossup]
Social Studies — Geography
The mission in this city, San Xavier del Bac, opened in 1700 and the town was permanently settled in 1776. Its name comes from a Papago word meaning "village of the dark spring at the foot of the mountain," and it is ringed in by four different mountain ranges: Rincon, Santa Catalina, Santa Rita, and the namesake range. For 10 points, name this city acquired by the U.S. in the Gadsden purchase, currently the largest city in the former Gadsden territory, which is home to Davis-Mothan Air Force Base, the Kitts Peak Observatory, and the Insight.Com Bowl at the University of Arizona stadium?
Answer: Tucson, AZ

1999 ACF Regionals - Packet by Kentucky - #8 [report this tossup]
Social Studies — Geography
Significant geographical features of this country are the Bie and Huila Plateaus, the Melanje highlands, and such rivers as the Cumbango, Okavango, and Kwanza rivers, the latter of whose dam, the Cambambe, provides much of the nation's hydroelectric power. Its northernmost enclave, Cabinda, is separated from the rest of the nation by territory of Zaire, which borders on it to the North and East, while other neighbors include Congo to the north, Zambia to the southeast, and Namibia to the south. FTP name this country on the Western coast of Africa whose capital is Luanda.
Answer: Angola

1999 ACF Regionals - Packet by Kentucky - #21 [report this tossup]
Social Studies — Geography
This island is about 146 miles long from east to west and about 35 miles wide from north to south, and it consists of three major physiographic regions: a highly dissected limestone plateau, whose uninhabitable area is called the Cockpit country, forested highlands dominated by the famous Blue Mountains, and lowlands comprised of the Black River valley. The third largest island in the Carribean, its economy is based on export of aluminum, sugarcane, and coffee, and on tourism. FTP name this island nation whose capital is Kingston.
Answer: Jamaica

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